The gimballed aerial sensor is desined for installation on the underside of a helicopter or airplane. It consists of four units: the scanner, remote controll unit, monitor and support electronics. The two field of view scanner, spherically shaped for low wind drag, is rated for speeds p to 180 knots. Azimuth travel is a full 360 degrees while elevation is +20 to -80 degrees. High and low frequency stabilization enable effortless asquisition and tracking. The remote control unit offers a proportional pressure joystick for azimuth and elevation control. Other functions include a field of view control for instantaneous changes between magnifications of 1X and 4X, and a 2:1 electro-optical zoom control for a combined magnification of 8X. The monitor displays not only the image,but also all vital system parameters, These include: azimuth, elevation, field of view, time, date and system status. The image, including the displayed system parametes, is available on a standard RS-170 video output. the video output can be used for recording the imagery on DVR.


The Star SAFIRE II’s microscanned 320x240 midwave infrared array gives outstanding Detection, Recognition and Identification ranges in an affordable 15” imaging system. It’s hermetically sealed gimbal is battle-tested, AWR certified, and thrives in the harshest operating environments. The unit’s modular design and revolutionary optical bench allow simultaneous installation of up to 5 imagers in the same gimbal. The SAFIRE-family of gimbals features 5-axis stabilization for solid imagery in rough conditions. The CCD-TV camera has a low-light, near-IR mode that is useful in areas with minimal illumination. Star SAFIRE II’s dynamic target Autotracker follows maneuvering targets from moving aircraft, decreasing operator workload. With over 1,200 SAFIRE systems installed on over 60 aircraft types around the world, the Star SAFIRE II is a solid performer in the definitive lineage of infrared imagers.

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